Thomas W. Crosley
1672 E. Heather Ave.
Gilbert, Arizona 85234
480 797-8692   FAX: 480 452-0756

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Summary of Qualifications

As a senior embedded systems engineer with degrees in both hardware and software (BSEE/MSCS), I have over 40 years of experience writing firmware for 8-bit through 32-bit microcontrollers from various manufacturers, programming in C, C++ and assembler using RTOS's, embedded Linux, wireless and all types of serial protocols, with Git for source control.

I also do hardware design including PCB layout, and have experience designing for manufacturing and automated board/final goods testing. Overall I have completed over two-dozen projects that have gone to market, and have been awarded 28 patents.

Past clients include Apple, DirecTv, GTE, Medtronic, Orange, Schlage Lock, and Sony..


Technical Skills

Operating Systems and MCU's: All versions of Windows, UNIX/Linux; Also: 8-, 16- and 32-bit embedded microcontrollers from Microchip/Atmel, Intel, SiLabs, Freescale/Motorola, and ARM.

Languages: C, C++, C# (.NET), Python 3, PHP, Perl, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, SQL Server, XML, UML, Assembler, and shell scripts.

Other: Digital and analog hardware design; medical devices; PCB layout (Eagle); real-time operating systems (RTOS); multimedia, graphics, animation, audio and DSP; Internet protocols; USB, IrDA, SPI, I2C, I2S and other serial interfaces; LCD and OLED display interfaces; wireless devices (cell modems, Bluetooth, BLE, ZigBee, ISM); encryption; parsers, compilers and translators; device drivers.



Professional Experience


Microchip Technology (AZ) - (2016-present)

Principal engineer in Microchip's MCU32 (ARM and MIPS) applications group, writing audio and Bluetooth/BLE application firmware and device drivers for their MPLAB Harmony platform for PIC32 microcontrollers.


Various clients - (2016)

Firmware in C, hardware design, and PCB layout for various projects including a LCD user interface for an on-demand water heater and a smart fishing bobber using BLE.


Alere Connect (AZ) - (2012-2015)

Firmware in C and assembly for two wireless medical devices including cell and Bluetooth modems, and both hardware and firmware for a manufacturing test station used at their high-volume Chinese assembly house. Wrote portions of in-house multi-tasking RTOS. All development met FDA standards.


Performance Trends (MI) - (2011-2016)

C firmware for several instruments to test high-end automotive engines; plus analog hardware for PID control.


BoomRight (AZ) - (2011-2012)

C firmware for remote control of boom-mounted professional Sony video cameras.


Transcend (NJ) - (2010-2011)

Feasibility study for placing wireless HD cameras on the front of football helmets.


Mind Gear (OH) - (2010-2011)

Hardware, C firmware and PCB layout for a dongle that plugs into an iPhone for a light and sound machine. Test software written in Objective C.


RK Inventions, LLC (IL) - (2007-2013)

Hardware and C firmware for a "hold-on-hold" telephone device.


MedApps (AZ) - (2006-2012)

Hardware and firmware in C and Java for three wireless devices to interface with various medical devices, including several "smart cables", all meeting FDA standards; hardware, firmware and PCB layout for production test equipment, with test scripts written in Python.


Temple Software (AZ) - (2005)

C++ software to lookup VIN entries in a database for use by the Arizona DPS in their vehicles.


Star Instruments (AZ) - (2005)

C++ software to interface to a Galil motion controller, for a telescope mirror polisher using multiple stepper motors.


Sensys Medical (AZ) - (2004-2007)

Linux C++ drivers for a non-invasive glucose measuring system; hardware and C firmware for motor control boards.


Light Diagnostics (UT) - (2003-2004)

Analog/digital hardware plus C firmware for a Raman spectroscopy sensor, and Windows C++ for a USB interface.


BigBlueMarketing (PA) - (2003-2012)

Developed a large (500+ PHP pages) CMS/CRM web site for real estate agents which hosted over 1200 domains. Also did system administration for the Linux server during this period.


Therapeutic Research Center (CA) - (2003)

C firmware for Palm and Pocket PC applications to access prescription drug and natural medicine databases.


France Telecom (CA) - (2002)

Conducted a study for France Telecom/Orange relating to secure wireless devices using Palm OS.


SoftOlogy (CA) - (2000-2003)

C++ desktop software for a speed-reading product (RapidReader) and a multimedia authoring tool (StoryBoarder).


DirecTV (CA) - (1999)

Assisted in the transition of maintenance of DirecTv software from Sony to DirecTV, including HP-UX Y2K modifications.


Sony (CA, CO, FL, Japan) - (1993-1998)

C software for the automation (running on HP-UX) and C++ software for scheduling UI (running on Windows NT) of DirecTv broadcasts; system specs for Latin American/Japan projects.


Other Projects

   •    Web sites in PHP and Perl including Argentine au pair registration, matchmaking site, investment survey with automated response,

   •    Word processing system in C++ for a Sun workstation,

   •    C firmware for a Hyundai cruise control; fiber-optic temperature measuring system for operating rooms; multi-channel television studio audio mixer/fader console; and smart-card based electronic postage meter,

   •    Hardware and C firmware for Schlage Lock's electronic hotel lock; security and control system; high-speed temperature measuring system for a paper plant, photo chemical recycling system, and orthoscopic surgical tool,

   •    Software for Apple to launch the Apple IIGS, operations planning software for law enforcement and SWAT teams, software to control a milling machine; and firmware for a semiconductor burn-in ovens,

   •    Lead call processing engineer for a digital PBX project, hardware and software for an electronic telephone switch, Pascal compiler (backend code generator) for another electronic telephone switch,

   •    Guest lecturer for an OS class at Stanford University.



Illinois Institute of Technology  Chicago, Illinois

Master of Science, Computer Science


Iowa State University  Ames, Iowa

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering


Achievements and Associations

Awarded 28 US Patents

Published in several national trade and consumer magazines

Previous Member of Board of Directors, Professional and Technical Consultants Association (PATCA)

Member, IEEE

Ranked in the top 1% of contributors to, where I have answered over 900 questions.